Top part is the account information. This is all ProBroker data. Fields:

  • Security Lending Limit (Belåningsverdi)
  • Credit limit (kredittramme)
  • Accessible credit (in percentage)
  • Available amount (disponibelt beløp) – amount customer can trade for.
  • Marketvalue (Markedsverdi) of the portfolio
  • Balance (Saldo)
  • Accrued Interest (påløpte renter)
  • Equity capital (egenkapital)
  • Cost (kostpris)
  • Margin requirements (Marginkrav) – informative text showing if customer has exceeded his limits or not.


Note that customer in example above has exceeded his limit, and does not have any credit / money left to trade for.

Next grid is the list of instruments / positions.

The current version of this grid:

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