Tranvåg Maritime
Tranvåg Maritime AS is a consulting firm specializing in maritime operation and safety management. Tranvåg Maritime AS, founded in 2008, has already established itself with a number of clients that recognizes the benefit of making use of our high quality expertise and professionalism. Our clients operates worldwide involved in the offshore/supply industry, operates fishing vessels, passenger - and cargo ships. Tranvåg Maritime AS, as founded in late 2008, is strongly committed to be a market leader providing niche support and quality – services and products to our clients. This will be achieved by being a stimulating workplace environment and by creating a culture where excellence and continuous improvement are a way of life. We will emphasize on achieving a working environment that should encourage well –being, job satisfaction and motivation. And that condition, activities and tasks are planned, organized, executed and verified in accordance with applicable legislations and standards, customers’ requirements, as well as Tranvåg Maritime AS own internal requirements. Tranvåg Maritime AS’s strength is our close relationships with the industry and our clients, which give us the ability to continuous, develop products to further our niche strategy. Tranvåg Maritime AS primary purpose is to provide a wide range of independent course and training services to enhance the professional standing and knowledge, according to the highest standards and applicable regulations. This will be achieved by ensuring that courses and programs being offered are properly designed, contain clear objectives as to results, are delivered by qualified instructors, and are evaluated and improved in line with market demands and developments.