Proactima A/S


Proactima is a nationally recognised supplier of services in risk management, national security and HSE management.

We take a comprehensive approach in each of the above areas, and therefore offer services in the following:
  • Risk analysis and risk management
  • National security
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Working environment
  • Management systems
  • Reputational risk and crisis communication
  • Culture & organisation
  • External environment
  • Security
We have leading specialists in all our service areas, and all our consultants have specialised skills in at least one of these areas. This makes our company a stimulating working environment and allows us to put together project teams tailored to our assignment and our clients’ needs. To strengthen our ability to adapt to the client’s needs, we have also established two subsidiary companies:Proactima Project Management Group (PPMG) delivers highly qualified project managers for offshore and onshore projects, and also performs management and follow-up of in-house projects. Proactima Project Services (PPS) is a network of 50 independent consultants with broad, solid backgrounds from the petroleum industry, who are hired out to companies in need of consultant support. Throughout the company’s decade-long history we have completed a number of projects for companies, organisations and government in oil and gas, transport, the maritime sector, public sector and bank/insurance. It is our goal to be at the front edge of development in our field, and we are therefore involved in a number of R&D projects.