Norships AS
Norships is an independent third-party Marine and Engineering Consultancy and Survey Organization. The Company is majority-owned by Sjøtransport AS, founded as Lekterkompaniet in Kristiansand, Norway in 1916.  We are proud of our roots and proven track record in delivering sustainable seatrade solutions to our clients for more than 100 years. ​Norships experienced staff includes Master Mariners and Marine Engineers. Our outstanding team, our practical knowledge and our business-oriented focus ensure a solution fully aligned with all customer needs within our segments. ​ We perform our services according to quality standard ISO 9001:2015. Norships provides certification in Practical & Theoretical training in gas measurement & use of gas measuring instruments according to SOLAS, A 27 / res 1050 (27), MSC cir 1485: atmosphere testing instrument for enclosed spaces IMO ISM code SIRE / ISGOTT STCW-95 chapter V section A-VI § 12