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OffshoreCourses.no is owned by OffshoreCrew AS. OffshoreCrew’s unique recruitment system, e-Crew, allow us and companies to discover candidates full potential. Our unique system help candidates to showcase all their knowledge and experience. The system, e-Crew, uses advanced programming to search, sort and show only the candidates with the minimum of criteria our clients demand. If […]


OffshoreCourses.no aims to provide Offshore companies and offshore workers with a tool that will allow them to easily book courses without any hazle. The user experience is a key factor for us, we want you to feel confortable using our system.


OffshoreCourses.no has many years of experience within Offshore and Maritime. Between our staff you find people that has worked for some the most important Offshore/Maritime companies in Scandinavia, holding positions as Crew Managers, Crew Coordinators,Recruiters and Training Coordinators. Our solutions are developed thinking on how to improve the existing working methodology and lower the operational […]


Top part is the account information. This is all ProBroker data. Fields: Security Lending Limit (Belåningsverdi) Credit limit (kredittramme) Accessible credit (in percentage) Available amount (disponibelt beløp) – amount customer can trade for. Marketvalue (Markedsverdi) of the portfolio Balance (Saldo) Accrued Interest (påløpte renter) Equity capital (egenkapital) Cost (kostpris) Margin requirements (Marginkrav) – informative text […]

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Should be able to search by applying the following filters: Type (Company report, Market report, Sector report) Ticker Sector (dropdown) Title From date, To date The search result grid should contain the following columns: Date, Ticker (if any), Title, Anb. (Recommendation – thumbs up, thumbs down or neutral icon – if recommendation is available for […]